Tweed Ride Portland Oregon 4/7/2013

Yesterday was a great day for a great ride.  Roughly 75+ of us took off dressed in our vintage (and not so vintage) Sunday Best.  Definitely seemed like there was many more of us than last year, who despite a pretty good down pour just before the ride started hung in there and was rewarded with a beautiful ride for the rest of the afternoon.  Though it was just wet enough for us to make our presence known by out squealing breaks as we rode down Mt Tabor and then later down the Sandy Ridge on the way to the Velocult.

Here are the few pictures that I took.



Before the ride at Mt. Tabor

Crossing SE Stark at about 63rd

IMG_0578 IMG_0579

Regrouping somewhere in Alemeda


Wilshire Park


I tend to get more into socializing than snapping pictures, so I gotta be a little more diligent about taking photos of bikes.  Despite the fact that I don’t mind my picture being taken or my bikes, I do feel a little uncomfortable asking others for a picture of them or there bikes.  But it’s difficult, because other than when I wan’t to be an artist, I’ve never been much of a photographer to begin with.

My pictures didn’t turn out to good so I’d recommend checking out the flickr pics from W.D.Vanlue (his blog the prudent cyclist).  Or this video by Russ Roca from the Pathless Pedaled.

or the KGW news spot.

Bystanders for the most really got a kick out of us.  A wave and a chorus of bells greeted most of them as we passed.  Even the at the car which laid on its horn at us as we blocked the 60th and Glisan intersection.

I do gotta admit that the ride was a great route, and I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I don’t ride in that part of town very often (though that will likely change now) since it really isn’t too far from my house.

Like others I would like to thank everyone that was a part of putting on this great ride.  And I can hardly wait for the next one.


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