A New Year and a direction.

So I got to admit that doing this whole blog is a bit daunting.  Part of the problem is that the world of 3 speed bikes just doesn’t move anymore.  And though that is part of the appeal of such bikes, it doesn’t make for very interesting reading.  My intent when starting this blog (aside from shameless self promotion) was to make a guide for people that are starting to bike to explain the virtues of the trusty old three speed.  To guide them through the purshasing process and the tools and knowledge to do the upkeep themselves, making the 3 speed even more attractive.

I still plan on doing this, but I’m going to take a slightly different approch.  Rather than yet another dull post that explains the XYZ of these bikes.  I’ve decided to do it a bit differently.   Instead, I’m going to scan Craigslist and other sites and give the bikes and the ads a crituque.

I already spend alot of time on these lists looking for good bikes that I can either potentially add to my rather small collection or to fix and clean up to resell them.  I also find these sites are great places to find out the history of bicycling as well.  Each one has some sort of history.  And that is one of the most satisfying parts of riding these old bikes.

In each crituque I will try (where possible) talk about the virtues or downfalls of that particuliar bike and get into some brief history of the maker and model, any issues good and bad that are apparent through the listing and photos.

I will not give specific price information.  The ad by themselves aren’t enough to truely judge what the price should be, however I will rate each bike on a three speed scale.  High gear, neutral gear, low gear.  High gear of course would mean that I suspect that the price is too high, and low gear of course would mean that if you’re looking for a bike like this you should probably call and pick it up.

Since I do flip bikes, I will not post refrences oto any of my bikes for sale on this part of the blog.  My bikes will appear in the vintage parts/bikes section of this blog. My interest in doing this project isn’t to sell my bikes by compairing the two against each other.

On a last note, the bikes that will be reviewed will only be bikes that listed in the areas around Portland Oregon.  But I hope than many out side of the Portland area will find it interesting.  Not just because it’s about cool old bikes, but also because I hope they might learn something about how to look at these ads and how to gather as much information as possible from what little is often given.

I still plan on doing some tutorials on bike repair, but I’m going to simply do them as they come up in my everyday life.  Most of what I’m going to do is available elsewhere on the internet, so really if you have the interest or the need you’re not going to be missing much from my lack of posting a tutorial about it here.  Sheldon Brown, Bike forums, and Utube are great places to find what need if you need the information faster than I’m providing it.  And honestly, that’s where I get 90% of the information I need when I don’t know.

Happy New Year and Keep on Riding


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