How not to post an ad on – line

Well todays post has been somewhat interrupted by a very busy couple weeks at work.  Dawn to dusk / six days a week doesn’t leave much time or energy for much else, once all your chores are done.  So I gotta admit that todays ad is a bit of a quicky.

This evening, knowing I was falling behind  I was intrigued by another bike listed and I did some research and decided it was too similar to the last bike to post it again.  Though I will provide a link, becuase it is a nice Phillips made bike that is badged by the H.P. Snyder Manufacturing Company who is best known as the maker of Rollfast bikes.   That bike is here for those that may be interested but you will see a number of similarities to this one and the last one I posted.

The Royal Lion


It looks to be in great shape, and it is definitely unique.  But really these re branded bikes aren’t really that rare, they often only differ from each other only in decals and headbadges.

Now on to the main thrust of this post.  Todays focus is the a pair of Raleighs for sale


These bikes, although not mint, have plenty of style. They are bomber green with many of the gorgeous Raleigh details that make them eye-catching bikes. I simply do not have room to keep. They are 19″ 3 speeds. They have lugs for attaching items and fenders for catching rain.
The seats are aged Brooks. I spent too much on them and am asking what is a fair price.

Ok so we have a pair of 19″ 3 Speed Raleighs.  One picture, of one of the bikes headbadge, and part of the wheel of (what I can presume to be) the other Raleigh.

First, where are the pictures?  Most people can’t tell much from a head badge picture.  I can tell it’s likely built in the late 60’s/early 70’s.   Those who enjoy bicycle trivia know that the adjusting nut on the caliper brake arms were introduced in that time period and likewise the pedals seem to be from that time frame as well.

But honestly that’s all I can tell.  19″ is for a shorter person roughly 5-2″ to 5-6″ish.  The picture has been taken at an angle in which you can’t  tell if it’s a diamond frame (men’s) or a step through (womans – I personally don’t like the mens/womans descriptions).  I suspect that it’s a diamond frame from the cable routing, but you never know.

As for condition it’s hard to tell as well.  There is some rust on the light bracket, though it would most likely come clean with a little WD-40/Aluminium foil.   However, what might be an issue is that if you look closely, there looks to be a big warty lump of rust (or is it a welded repair?) on the head tube located just to the upper right of the Huron.  If that is rust or a welding bead, don’t buy it.  That much rust in one spot is bad news, and so are welds in unusual spots.

So if you’re trying to sell something on-line – take plenty of good pictures.  The more the better.  And honestly, the headbadge isn’t one that you should take specifically unless it’s something really cool.  And though I like the Raleigh headbadge, most bike people know it.  It’s not an unusual one,  like the one on the Royal Lion mentioned at the beginning of this post .  The headbadge for the Roya Lion, is perhaps one of the only distingishing pieces of the bike.

And second, give us some information.  Granted this persons at least given us the seat tube height (better than some listings on CL).  That is really about all ther is – other than they’ve cost him/her a lot of money.

If you’re going to say something like that in ad, at least tell us what you’re spending it on.  Does it (or they) have new Brooks seats (nope – comes with aged ones)? Tires?  Or are you implying that they are a broken down money pit.

Really it’s too bad, the price isn’t too out of line for a Raleigh Sports (with all parts and in good working order).  But the ad leaves open too many questions for me to go across town to potentially be very disappointed.


3 thoughts on “How not to post an ad on – line”

  1. Good ones! Didn’t notice that Royal Lion one, but I like how they called lugs “gussets”. (And also like how the Raleigh ad refers to “lugs” for carrying stuff.) I did see that Raleigh ad and had the same level of disappointment you did. And really, who cares how much you, the seller paid? It could mean a whole bunch of things (like paying too much for the bike in the first place) but if you are going to make that point, at least back it up with details. As for the supposed Brooks on the bike, it could be an actual leather one, or one of the lesser mattress style ones they made then as well, which ain’t worth jack.

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