In case you haven’t noticed.

I haven’t done much with this little piece of the web, but that is starting to change.

When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure where to go with it, I lacked any kind of vision or focus so I just kinda went on whims. Now I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about where I fit in, after all there is no shortage of great bicycle blogs out there. So I took some time to kind of discover my voice so speak (pun intended).

Well as you can see there are some changes afoot. So keep an eye out, I’m working on it, and trying some new stuff (as well as trying to get the layout just right (I never liked the old lay out much). And there will be regular features, and some other good stuff. Though I very well might take some of the old stuff out or redo them, still not quite to that point yet.

So lets hope for some rain, been hard to focus on this that much in the last month or two since the weather has been so Superbe . It’s hard and unsafe to write and ride at the same time.

So until next time please forgive me if things look off, I’m by no means proficient in web design, and so lets just say we’re under construction now.


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